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Experiences where you gain a new sense of purpose & connectedness with your life and the world around you.

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109 Mexico

December 5-10, 2019
Yoga, mindfulness & volunteer retreat in support of sea turtles

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109 Cape Town Interest List

Mindfulness retreat in support of education
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109 Costa Rica Interest List

Mindfulness retreat in support of the environment

109 Curaçao

April 16-21, 2020
Wellness & volunteer retreat in support of stray dogs

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Our Approach


Through mindfulness, travel and giving back, we want to ensure that every individual that takes part on a 109 retreat gain a new sense of purpose and connectedness with their lives and the planet. We’ve learned that the greatest sense of happiness and fulfillment comes from care for oneself matched with empathy and care for our world.


Just as travel can harm local ecosystems, it can also be a greater force for good if designed with intention and in collaboration with the local community. That's why the 109 retreats are designed from depth research and partnership building, resulting in an insider experience that is uniquely inspiring, empowering and sustainable.


If we want to be a better version of ourselves and make our lives a little better and fulfilling each day, we need to do the work. Mindfulness and wellbeing are key to improving awareness and identity, developing talents and potential we have within, enhancing the quality of life and contributing to the realization of our dreams.