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109 Environment in Puerto Rico

With Kerri Verna // April 3-8, 2018

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109 World

We are on a journey with you to make the world a better place

At 109 World we create online, social media content and host global trips for the charitable purpose of raising awareness and funding to support impactful initiatives that are alleviating social and environmental challenges focusing in eight passions: (1) women empowerment; (2) water; (3) children; (4) education; (5) animals; (6) food security; (7) the environment; and (8) personal health and wellbeing.

Global Trips

Through our global trips participants get first-hand insight into some of the most important social and environmental causes of today. They also learn how reconnecting with their truly authentic selves through personal health & wellbeing can be a powerful tool to support grassroots organizations that are creating positive impact in the local communities where we are active.

109 Awareness

Our online social media campaigns raise awareness of challenges related to our eight passions by providing relevant content and calls to action to everybody. They also offer a community platform for communication between individuals and organizations about humanitarian and environmental concerns + encourage individuals to engage in local or global impactful projects.