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Sohappy to learn that one of our beautiful young girls at the camp will be flying to Sweden next week with her mom and 2 brothers to be reunited with their dad! My heart is so happy for her and excited to support her family during this next transition in their lives.
These past 2 months here in Greece have changed me forever. The refugee crisis has taken over my mind and my friends at Oinofyta Camp my heart. Their suffering is all about us and a consequence of who we are. The crisis their are victims of is not just a crisis, it’s a test. It’s a test of our humanity. It’s a test of our character, of our values and of what we stand for.
Next week her family will be together after 1 year separated and after 1 year not knowing if they would be given the opportunity to restart their lives or ever see one another again. From housing, to food, education, job and integration to society – these are some of the challenges she will need to go through with her family, again. But I am sure if we support and stand by them their light will shine brighter for everyone to see: we are one world.


About Leticia

Leticia is the Chief Impact Officer and Co-Founder of 109 World. She loves using her passion for both market-based and non-profit sector strategies to create social and environmental impact.