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Thelife and times of Miriam so far, is this a future we can change?
Miriam left Afghanistan 1 year ago with her family because of war. Together with her mom, dad, 2 younger brothers and sister they had the plan to go to Germany. They crossed the border from Afghanistan to Iran, Iran to Turkey and when crossing from Turkey to Bulgaria the family started being shot by refugee hunters at the border. Miriam, her little brothers, little sister, dad and mom were literally being hunted and all they wanted to do was escape from war. The family started to run for their lives and got separated. The dad ended up in Sweden with the little sister. Miriam with her mom and little brothers ended up in Greece.
3 months ago Miriam and her mom learned the little sister didn’t make it. When the hunters in Bulgaria started shooting Miriam’s family, they shot her baby sister and she didn’t survive. The dad couldn’t tell the family what happened until a couple of months ago.
The family applied for reunification and Sweden accepted the request. To get reunification doesn’t mean to get asylum, but it means they can live together and qualify to apply for asylum. So next week Miriam and her family will be together after 1 year separated and after 1 year not knowing if they would be given the opportunity to restart their lives or ever see one another again.
The point of this post is not only to get as much support we can to Miriam’s family, but also to tell yourself, this refugee crisis is everybody’s problem and each one of us has a personal responsibility to help. Because this is about the rescue of us and our values as well as the rescue of refugees and their lives.
If you want to learn how to support Miriam and her family, please send us an email to [email protected]


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