109 Ambassadors

About the 109 Ambassadorship Program

Why become a 109 Ambassador?

This program allows us to partner with you on causes close to your heart so that together we can raise awareness about humanitarian challenges and encourage our communities to engage in local & global impactful initiatives. Are you a university student, or do you have strong ties with a university and have a wonderful project idea in mind that you’d like to share with the world? We’d like to help support your vision!

109 Ambassadors become a leader on campus. They can build their own personal network, meet people they would’ve never had the chance to meet- other students passionate about changing the world, faculty and administration with whom they’ll work closely, and influential members of their community.

Your 109 Chapter will be more than something to put on a resume. This is an opportunity to make a real impact and a chance for students to do something different, showcase their talents and skills, and give back. And most importantly, it’s a lot of fun!

How to become a 109 Ambassador?

  • Check in with your university to see if it would be open to supporting this club/program/chapter (whichever version feels best for you and the school). If so, what do they require in order to establish this chapter? What are their action steps? If you feel like you need certain materials or information from us in order to approach your university, please let us know!
  • Is there a faculty member that is willing to be this chapter’s advisor? Having one would greatly help in getting this off the ground and guided toward success!
  • Can you find at least one other student who is interested in running the chapter with you?
  • What types of activities would be interesting for you, and for your student body to create? The goal is for the activities to raise awareness for the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time, causes that we refer to as 109 Passions

What are the incentives for 109 Ambassadors?

Our 109 Ambassadors gain the practical skills to become guardians of that which will save our planet as well as receive comprehensive experience that can transfer into countless career fields and dreams. But we also want to know what motivates you? How about your student body? We encourage you to aim high, and we will do our best to provide the rewards that honor the valuable work put forth.

These rewards are given based on the ambassador’s achievements, growing in value along with the achievements. Initial examples include:

  • 109 goodies (any product from our store)
  • Shout-out on our social media or website
  • Coverage about the work you’re doing on 109’s media outlets partner
  • Letter of recommendation from the founders of 109 World
  • Co-design a 109 trip with the 109 team
  • Free spot on a 109 trip of choice!

Why we created the 109 Ambassadorship Program?

Students are innovative, they are passionate, and they are looking for ways to make real impact for an important cause NOW. They are the best agents of change that can help turn this empathy into action by harnessing the resources that already exist on their campus: energetic students, expert faculty, and the organizational experience of the administration.

109 believes students can be the leaders that bring together other agents of change and support systems on their campus to encourage, cultivate and launch impactful activities and ideas that are poised to change the world.
We see the 109 ambassadors as not only spreading awareness on campus of pressing global issues, but ensuring that their school is represented within the 109 World movements, as well.

This program, 109 Chapter, allows more students to personally create and directly experience positive change. This leads to more ideas and ultimately more actions, each on a pathway toward social and environmental impact. The initiatives organized on their campus will provide students and the school with unparalleled opportunities and resources, including support through an international community of change agents and top social media influencers.