109 designs and hosts curated experiences to raise awareness and support impactful initiatives worldwide. We work with individuals and corporations to create change focused on eight areas: (1) women empowerment; (2) water; (3) children; (4) education; (5) animals; (6) food security; (7) the environment; and (8) wellbeing. The goal is for each individual that takes part on a 109 experience to learn how reconnecting with their truly authentic selves through mindfulness & wellbeing is a powerful tool to transform their lives, their organizations, and the world for better. With a foundation of self awareness, 109 provides insights and empathy for real world challenges and the solutions positioned to solve them. Additionally, we leverage social media as a powerful tool for the betterment of humanity, that’s why we work with social media influencers and launch global campaigns – to inspire millions of individuals to be the change they want to see in the world.

Our Mission is to help individuals fulfill the promise of their potential through mindfulness and actionable impact
Our Vision is of a world where all individuals live their lives with the understanding we are all interconnected


Leticia Reyes

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Leticia is on a mission of enabling each individual's potential to create positive change and advance the field of philanthropy worldwide. There is nothing she enjoys more than the great power that small groups of committed individuals have in creating extraordinary things. Email: leticia@109world.com

Savannah Carlson

Associate Director

Savannah has a passion for impact and believes in finding sustainable and long-lasting solutions to the world’s toughest problems. She loves people, travel and the magic that can come from dedicated groups working together and learning from each other. Email: savannah@109world.com

Rebecca Slaughter

Social Media Strategist

Rebecca creates all 109's original, bold and high quality content for 109's social media accounts. Her creativity and depth makes sure our conversations online are fun, honest and meaningful. Email: rebecca@109world.com

Tomas Pettersson

Photographer & Filmmaker

Tomas is one of the creatives that spread the vibes from 109's trips through visual imagery. In writing he is a man of few words, in real life… not so much. His head is full of ideas, words, love and laughter that he will gladly share with anyone around.

Linus Eliasson

Creative Content Director

Linus loves to capture beautiful things on film and he's part of @sodalime_ where they do that for a living. At 109 he communicates the beauty and the challenges in all places 109 is active.

Board of Directors

Rachel Brathen

Co-Founder & Strategic Influencers Chair

Rachel is a New York Times Bestselling author and yoga instructor behind the immensely successful book Yoga Girl sold around the world. Her blog and Instagram feed have amassed a monumental following, with more than 2.1 million dedicated fans on the photo sharing app.

Olivia Rothschild

Co-Founder & Chairperson

Olivia loves creating opportunities for people to feel the positive impact they create when coming together and contributing with the little they can.

Leticia Reyes

Co-Founder & Board Chair

Leticia is on a mission of enabling each individual's potential to create positive change and advance the field of philanthropy worldwide. There is nothing she enjoys more than the great power that small groups of committed individuals have in creating extraordinary things.Email: leticia@109world.com

Juanita Galvis

Community Outreach Chair

Head of Social Impact Advocacy and Impact Travel for The Assemblage, a community providing co-working, co-living and social spaces for individuals seeking development, transformation and interconnection. She has 5 years of experience in the stock market, 4 in real-estate development and 6 years, as an entrepreneur, in the fashion industry. After joining our 109 refugee trip in Greece, she was empowered to dedicate her life to raising awareness of our individual and collective potential to be of service to others. Her vision is to create meaningful opportunities for people to connect through compassion.

Daniel Epstein

Development Chair

Daniel’s life has been shaped by a fundamental belief that entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all the issues we face today. By the time he received his undergraduate degree in philosophy, he’d already started three companies. In 2012 he was recognized by Inc. Magazine as a “30 under 30 entrepreneur” and by Forbes as one of the “top 30 most impactful entrepreneurs” of the year. In 2013, he received the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the World” award along with Richard Branson & the President of Liberia at the Global Entrepreneurship Forum. Today, this passion for entrepreneurship and startups has led to the creation of Unreasonable Group. Daniel is proudly the founder Unreasonable Institute, Unreasonable Capital, UNREASONABLE.is, Unreasonable Group, Unreasonable at Sea, Unreasonable Impact, Girl Effect Accelerator, Project Literacy Lab, as well as co-founder of Unreasonable Media and Unreasonable Goals. Daniel believes in militant transparency and truthfulness in his everyday life and in all of the projects he is part of. He also has an overt love for his hometown of Boulder Colorado.

Rehan Hasan

Legal Chair

Rehan is a corporate lawyer and trusted business advisor who assists companies as a general outside counsel practicing in all areas of business/corporate law, tax, securities, and financing. With broad experience in corporate law, Rehan acts as outside general counsel for companies with either a specific business challenge or a variety of legal needs faced throughout the full life cycle – start up to exit– of a business.


What is the meaning behind the name 109 World?

The 109th bead, or Guru bead, of a Buddhist Mala holds space. It is a pause that one can dedicate to gratitude of all that is, and it is an acknowledgement of those who came before, who stand with us now, and who will come after. In essence, this number represents the unity that we must gratefully acknowledge and from there, call into action. There are no random acts; we are all interconnected by one thread of continuous exchange of cause and effect. The number 109 is our highest value and the cornerstone of our mission.

How was 109 World created?

109 was born from a conversation between Rachel (Yoga_Girl) and Olivia (Rachel’s best friend from her Swedish homeland) while in Thailand in 2015. Rachel had the urge to use her social media presence for a deeper and more direct positive impact, and Olivia recently graduated with a masters in social entrepreneurship and a lifelong dream to help our planet. Olivia instantly knew to pull in Leticia, who is her best friend from their shared masters program experience. Leticia was already working in the field of positive global impact, so her destiny and passionately developed expertise were a clear match with 109 World. Together, these three women created an impact movement that beautifully demonstrates the individual gifts of powerful force that each possess in their own way.

The concept for 109 World came from the founders’ discomfort over how, with today’s technology, a majority of the population still has little knowledge about the social and environmental challenges that our world is facing, and thus the potential each and every one of us has in alleviating these challenges. Our founders realized this lack of knowledge was greatly hindering amazing initiatives that are already tackling these issues from getting the necessary support they need in order to scale their impact. Through asking the question of how it is possible that a world, more connected than ever, where information and content is cost and border-free, we (individuals, corporations and other organizations) can remain so unaware, our founders determined it to be time to make use of the tools they had.

The 109 team set out to leverage the power of social media in order to do good: 

  • To empower individuals to become aware of not only their “online time” habits, but their everyday habits as well, and to create social and environmental impact within these accessible areas 
  • To use the collective power of individuals to become aware of and support local and impactful initiatives across the globe
  • To direct the influence and resources of big organizations and personalities toward communities in need

What is voluntourism?

A combination of volunteering and tourism, this catchphrase came from the growing trend of people no longer wanting to simply travel as a tourist, but to do good for the community being explored.

Why does voluntourism not always work?

  • It brings in a solution that worked in one country but may not be most optimal or sustainable in this particular country/environment
  • It does not include the locals in the education or maintenance of the support that was brought in
  • Creating psychological “learned helplessness” reliance within the local mentality, where once the aid diminishes or breaks down, they simply wait for the next wave of volunteers to fix or replenish the resource
  • Does not help instill self-worth or motivation in the locals to continue to resolve the issue on their own, which could have potentially created jobs and income within the local community
  • Most commonly serves only as a means to temporarily make volunteers feel good about themselves

How 109 World is reframing voluntourism?

  • We do not enter a country with the motive to take it over through our own terms of problem solution. We find trustworthy, local organizations that are already working hard to help their own country. Then we help them stand a chance at faster and higher quality results, however possible
  • We work with local organizations, not simply bringing in foreigners with their own solution ideals. We find locals that are already addressing the issue, utilizing as many local resources as possible, maintaining job and economic stability or growth instead of replacing by outsourcing
  • We bring in funding to boost the local organization’s efforts, but we also help enhance education/skillsets within the participants and the locals. Money is necessary, but knowledge is the true source of change
  • Our goal is to prepare locals to carry on the work once 109 leaves; 109 does not create learned helplessness and reliance
  • Our trip participants do not simply perform manual labor, take selfies with the locals, and leave. They attend educational talks by reputable speakers, work side by side with locals, draw forth their own skills and passions for the types of work they provide, connect with other participants & locals and learn from both. We then create space for processing and talking through each day’s experiences per individual and the group as a whole
  • Most importantly – our trip participants are with us to learn and directly experience the problem and the solution. In this way, we can create true awareness about the issues we are tackling. The greatest contribution we can give on these trips is actually being there, giving what we can, and dedicating grants (big or small) to the cause

How does 109 World create impact?

Our impact approach is rooted in growing one’s perspective and the ways to act on it, and it is two-fold:

1- Awareness: 109 uses social media to create awareness through engaging online content within our eight passions to leverage communities and empower people to create changes in their day-to-day lives. Our online social media campaigns raise awareness of the biggest social and environmental challenges of our time by providing literature, calls to action, videos, and content to individuals. Each social media campaign also offers a community platform for communication between individuals and influencers about humanitarian concerns on Instagram and Facebook. This community “space” allows a forum for development of deeper awareness of humanitarian and environmental issues facing many parts of the world and empowers people to create changes in their day to day lives, and it encourages them to engage in specific local or global acts to alleviate certain issues.

2Experience: We organize humanitarian trips for individuals or organizations with a focus on three aspects: (1) Community-building and awareness education (2) Volunteering with individuals and local projects to assist in alleviating poverty or social or environmental injustices. We offer social media exposure, workforce, and other resources that otherwise would not be accessible to the groups we support; and (3) Disbursement of grants to projects that take steps to alleviate these injustices that are identified by 109 World. Here are some examples of projects we have already supported: Building a water distribution system and bringing clean drinking water to over 1,400 people previously without it in Nicaragua, sponsoring 4-year education to orphaned youth in Latvia, implementing a safe and reliable nutrition source for victims of a natural disaster in Ecuador, and implementing composting toilets and sanitation stations for families currently without it.

 Our trip participants have the ability to engage in hands-on projects all around the globe and experience some of the most important social and environmental causes of today.

Many of our participants become ambassadors for the project and cause they worked with, become recurrent donors, and/or direct resources to the initiatives. Some change jobs because they realize to work for a company that does not align with their values may not be the best use of their energies, and that there truly are reachable opportunities to make the world a better place. Some participants change their behaviors and routines, some start their own journey toward impact. According to our past participants, getting involved with 109, whether in the online or experimental level, is a life-changing experience that cannot be described or labeled with a price tag. 

What are the 109 World humanitarian trips all about?

109 World hosts humanitarian trips around the world for individuals or influencers, with a focus on three main aspects: 1- Community-building, education, and development of personal wellbeing through the practice of yoga. 2- Volunteer opportunities between an individual and an organization, in order to assist in the alleviation of poverty or social or environmental injustices within 109’s eight passions (women empowerment, safe water, children, education, animals, food security, environment, and personal health & wellbeing). 3- Disbursement of grants to organizations that connect with our values and are actively working toward resolving a challenge as identified by 109. 

Each trip features a daily, guided yoga practice. This offers space for our participants to learn about the benefits yoga can provide toward health, healing, and overall wellness. This naturally creates an opportunity for our participants to nourish themselves so as to enable even more impactful service work, as well as the potential for more enhanced reflection on the service activities and the greater meaning behind 109 World’s mission. 

109 World gathers individuals and organizations that are both interested in an identified cause, and we organize activities and volunteer opportunities within and around each cause. Examples include building a school, setting up an animal shelter, a reforestation project, or bringing safe water to areas in need.

What does a typical trip look like?

Our trips are, on average, five to six days in length. We take the utmost care in preparing the safety and accommodation logistics for our participants to the absolute best of our ability. Each trip includes:

  • Daily yoga guided by today’s top instructors
  • Service work in the community our local partnered organization is working in
  • An educational talk by a guest speaker that is an expert in the cause we are addressing
  • Three meals per day, with the ability to cater to dietary needs
  • Opportunities to come together and process the daily experiences as a group
  • Opportunities to nurture yourself individually
  • Fun group activities, varying per country

What determines the trip cost?

We create a grant program with the local organization that we’ve partnered with, to be released in phases once the organization’s agreed upon milestones are accomplished. This maintains transparent accountability between 109 and the partnered organization. In order to donate to the local organizations that we create our trips to help, we must sell a certain amount of spots – an amount that is determined based on each trip’s specific costs.

We provide each participant with the following, all of which must be prearranged both monetarily and logistically:

  • Full hotel accommodation nearby the local organization’s worksite 
  • Meals three times per day, with the exception of only dinner on the first day and only breakfast and lunch on the final day
  • Ground transportation between the airport and hotel and throughout the trip
  • Daily service work
  • Daily yoga sessions guided by today’s top instructors
  • A presentation given by a reputable expert in the field in which the trip is working
  • Additional activities included in the itinerary, varying per country

Is 109 World more than yoga retreats?

Yes! We started close to home with yoga, and we have partnered with top instructors to launch our first 3 humanitarian trips, but it’s our mission to leverage the potential of other social media communities for stirring up awareness and igniting positive calls to action – whether that be in cooking, photography, fashion, small or large ways, any positive action sets forth a butterfly effect

We try our best to offer through our activities (online or experiential) education on what the current issues are, how they happened, and real sustainable methods to help alleviate or resolve them

We also understand the importance of offering different ways to contribute within one’s own home and daily lives. People should not feel less empowered to change the world because of their living conditions. Whether the actions taken are small or large, each causes a ripple effect. You have that power to change the world

What are the 109 online movements all about?

Through our social media campaigns, we raise awareness of challenges related to our eight passions: women empowerment, safe water, children, education, animals, food security, environment, and personal health & wellbeing. Our method utilizes educational and relevant literature, calls to action, videos, and personalized content.

Each campaign creates a community platform that encourages communication between individuals and influencers regarding humanitarian and environmental concerns. Our platforms exist on Instagram and Facebook.

The community space that we create fosters a forum to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of our global challenges, while also encouraging individuals to engage in local or global acts or projects that work toward alleviating such challenges.

What is the longterm vision of 109 World?

Our vision is to break the paradigm that philanthropy is something only for the very wealthy individuals to engage in. With 109 we envision extending the concept of philanthropy to everyday people and empowering them to become change-makers and facilitators of development. No more excuses or feeling helpless or unguided. There is great power in today’s technology to spread awareness, unite our efforts, and co-create the best recipe for positive change. Just as the challenges we face all over the world are global, the solutions and most effective ways to tackle them are through macro, cross-border initiatives with a grassroots strategy. 109 is on the road to become the platform for all individuals not only to understand the biggest social and environmental challenges of our time, but a place where they can apply change and make the world a better place.

What does 109 World look for in partner organizations?

Sadly, corruption – even in humanitarian efforts – does exist in our world. We are determined to only partner with and support those organizations whose cornerstones are the following:

  • Is strongly anchored in local knowledge and service toward self-sustaining prosperity
  • Utilizes sustainable, expandable, and replicable (if possible) methods
  • Is clearly based on a vision that is aligned with that of 109’s vision
  • Proves to exhibit sound leadership and a competent team that is aligned with our values
  • Do you know of an organization that fits our list? Let us know!

How can I help?

We are beyond grateful for your desire to contribute your passions and skills to 109. There are so many ways for your to contribute, all highly needed and humbly treasured:

  • Spread the word about 109 and our causes through your own social media and social circles. Would posters or other media materials be helpful? Send us an email and ask!
  • Donate to the organization or a specific cause that resonates with you. Recurring donations make us jump (or handstand) for joy!
  • Join us on a humanitarian trip – have you considered creating a fundraiser to help you manifest this?
  • Hold a fundraiser, either online or locally. Get creative and have fun with it! We are always available to help brainstorm and support however we can. 
  • Do you contain the skills and drive to join our team? Apply for an internship. We are not yet in a place to begin hiring, but we will gladly save all applications for future reference!
  • Are you a university student, or do you have strong ties with a community? Check out our Ambassadorship Program at: https://109world.com/109ambassadors/