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When scrolling through your feeds on social media, are you consciously looking for the latest in fashion, wellness, lifestyle or are you just enjoying viewing nice pictures and looking at what your friends are up to? Well, either way, we are being affected by what’s being posted and probably more so than we think.

Being an influencer means having a direct effect on purchase/lifestyle decisions and opinions of others. Generally speaking, being an influencer is a new way of running a marketing business where you get to choose the brands and products that you like and promote them with subtle mentions, according to your personal brand.

A recent survey showed 84% of marketers plan on implementing at least one influencer marketing campaign during the next 12 months. Why? Because being associated with an influencer gives a brand so much more than simple exposure and “impressions”. It provides a story behind the product and connects it to the people you like and admire. It gives companies’ an “in” on the exact right target group and consumers.

This is a trend only likely to increase as even smaller influencers engage with boutique brands and as we are becoming less and less affected by conventional ads, consciously cutting it out of our lives.

Knowing this, it becomes clear that today’s influencers play a crucial role in shaping our way of living, consuming and interacting.

The rise of influencer marketing is not a bad trend as such, but it means that we, as consumers and followers, need to be more aware and alert to the influence we are being subjected to.

Influence means having people’s attention and that means power. There is absolutely no wrong in using this power to make money but it is increasingly important to recognize that in influence lies a prime opportunity to steer people towards a conscious way of living.

Today, consumers put pressure on companies to take social and environmental responsibility. Some companies do that through engaging in creating positive impact outside of their operations, some engage only within their field and some try the “creating shared value” model leaning more towards a social enterprise. Similarly, for influencers, making a positive impact can be done in different ways. They can do so through choosing products and brands consciously, through addressing important global issues in their posts or showing alternative ways of living – all according to their own values. But these choices must be well informed and sustainable and can sometimes be difficult to make as someone who is not an expert. Here are just a few ways of creating positive impact within your community:


  • Choose sustainable fashion brands to promote
  • Show small but important ways of making a positive change such as cooking vegetarian, using a refillable coffee cup, not using plastic, joining beach cleanups etc.
  • Join awareness raising and fundraising campaigns for causes aligned with your passions
  • Travel on site to volunteer for an organization of your choice
  • Be transparent and conscious about how your way of living affects the planet
  • Address important topics that speak to you.


At 109 World, we offer a platform to create positive impact within the respective passion of influencers, for them to turn social media into social good and inspire their community to help better the world, again – according to their personal brand.


As social media consumers, we can choose to follow ethical and environmentally friendly influencers and as influencers, we can take the opportunity to promote healthy ways of living – for the individual and the planet. There are over 600 million users on Instagram only, imagine the positive change we could quickly reach if we all did our part?


About Olivia

Olivia is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of 109 World. She loves creating opportunities for people to feel the positive impact they create when coming together and contributing with the little they can.